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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jason Mraz LUCKY (ft. Colbie Caillat)

SHINee @ Abbey Road Studios [from SMTOWN updates]

''Here is a gift from SHINee for facebook SMTOWN likers! There are Onew making 'F' which stands for 'facebook' with his fingers and Jonghyun who has recovered his health. Thank you for supporting the SHINee's JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION''

Saturday, 30 July 2011

SHINee "Juliette" Successful Fanmeeting in Tokyo!

Korean male idol group SHINee held their debut event on July 28th at Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza. The group performed their debut single, “Replay ~ Kimi wa boku no Everything~“, as well as three other songs. Additionally, they also announced the release of their second single, “JULIETTE“ on August 29th.

Jung Yonghwa as Lee Shin singing LUCKY (by Jason Mraz)

A cut scene from "Heartstrings"

Alice Nine「Heart of Gold」Preview ON SALE 2011.9.7

Lacoste Driving Shoes/Loafers [Hong Kong Magazine] 夏日炎炎助長「懶」風 [2011-07-13 更新]


Friday, 29 July 2011

SHINee, the Second Japanese Single ‘JULIETTE’

SHINee, the Second Japanese Single ‘JULIETTE’ to be Released in August!

July 29, 2011
SHINee, the Second Japanese Single ‘JULIETTE’ to be Released in August!
To be Selected as a Commercial Model for Japanese Denim Brand!

SHINee JULIETTE (Japanese Ver.) Teaser!

Real Friends - How many do YOU have?

Real Friend

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. 
A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself 
(and doesn't feel even the least bit weird shutting your 
Coke/Pepsi drawer with his foot!)

REEBOK Seven Deadly Sins 七色七宗罪 [Hong Kong Magazine]

「饕餮」(Gluttony)、「貪婪」(Greed)、「懶惰」(Sloth)、「淫慾」(Lust)、 「傲慢」(Pride)、「嫉妒」(Envy) 和「暴怒」(Wrath).
  • Reebok 的七宗罪系列不單採用了Pump Omni Lite這個經典鞋款,在用色方面更予人莫大驚喜 ,七款不同亮麗色調 --- 標誌「饕餮」的橙、「貪婪」的黃、「懶惰」的粉藍、「淫慾」的藍、「傲慢」的紫、「嫉妒」 的綠和「暴怒」的紅非常搶眼,這個特別版系列更加入了貼題的細節及元素,包括記載了「罪名」的鞋帶金屬牌及鞋墊,極具心思。

Thursday, 28 July 2011

DJ Yuki Weekly [2011.07.30] f(x) HOT SUMMER

Alice Nine Arena 37c Aug 2009

Beauty Trends [Hong Kong ELLE] Heroine Make Mascara 「睫毛控」必試:日本No.1 人氣睫毛液 [2011-07-27 更新]

Heroine Make 特強豐盈纖長睫毛液 ($98)Heroine Make 特強豐盈纖長睫毛液 ($98)
  • 如果你也是「睫毛控」,那麼你必定會對Heroine Make 特強豐盈纖長睫毛液感興趣。來自日本的Heroine Make 睫毛液系列一向備受推崇,於2009及2010連續2年榮獲日本@COSME睫毛液部門的最佳化妝品大賞第一位,深受日本女生歡迎。
  • Heroine Make特強豐盈纖長睫毛液特別為喜歡Kawaii大眼妝及配戴假睫毛的女生而設計,產品的豐盈效果超卓,只要輕輕一掃即可塑造媲美戴上假睫毛的神奇效果。
  • 此外,這睫毛液更配備精心設計的三用刷頭,以三個層次:提拉、梳刷、修飾,有效多角度無限拉長睫毛;而產品嶄新的亮黑色,更可令睫毛更為烏黑亮麗,一次過做到持久的捲曲濃密美睫。
  • 銷售點︰各大美容產品零售店

SHINee for W

[additional shots missed from previous entry]

My "I ♥ Converse All Stars"

I have a pair of these which I bought from Hong Kong. They are one of my favourite and most     worn pair of converses! (*^-^*)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Almost done... My Hiatus is nearly ending!


Hey Everyone!!

How have you all been? It'd be nice to hear from you via comments and messages so I know how everyone is and if you have any suggestions!

Kim Hyun Joong reveals that he was in a relationship for 3 years

On July 26th, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong guested on KBS Joy’s ‘Lee Sora’s Second Propose‘ and revealed that he was in a relationship for three years.
Kim Hyun Joong began, “I’m a human being as well, so I did have quite a few people that I liked. The longest relationship I was in lasted three to four years. We’ve broken up, though.”

Beauty Trends [Hong Kong ELLE] Aveda Tinted Moisturiser 淡妝必備:還是覺得Tinted Moisturizer 最好 [2011-05-27 更新]

透薄防曬潤膚乳 SPF 15  ($350)透薄防曬潤膚乳 SPF 15 ($350)
在 BB cream 還未如此盛行前,Tinted Moisturizer (有色潤膚霜)是與它最近似的產品,但自美容界刮起一陣韓風後,大概已沒有多少人仍記得Tinted Moisturizer 的好。

Vivian Chow 周慧敏 for Dairizi Wedding Photoshoot

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Special Edition of the Hermès Kelly Bag "Kelly Picnic" S/S 2011 Collectioin

This season a new Special Edition of the Hermès Kelly bag emerges for the S/S 2011 Collection
Let me introduce you to the "Kelly Picnic"
in wicker and Barenia calfskin

Beauty Trends [Hong Kong ELLE] Garnier BB Cream 美妝新發現!「碌」出來的BB Cream [2011-06-03 更新]

礦物BB亮眼筆  ($129)礦物BB亮眼筆 ($129)
  • 淨白礦物BB 霜 ($99)淨白礦物BB 霜 ($99)
是的,你沒有看錯,這支BB cream,是可以「碌」的!這裡說的,是GARNIE全新推出的礦物BB亮眼筆。

Alice Nine Arena 37c Special Vol. 51 Dec 2008

SHINee for ViVi [July/August 2011]

Monday, 25 July 2011

Alice Nine Silver Accessories Vol. 11

More photos below. For more photos of Saga's Jewellery CLICK HERE

Lyrics "I'm/It's Fortunate" Kim Hyun Joong covers Lee Juk (Several Versions)

Live Version on MUST

Beauty Trends [Hong Kong ELLE] Haute Couture 時裝週化妝潮流: Dior 的珠片誘惑 [2011-07-13 更新]

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Beauty Trends [Hong Kong Cosmopolitan] Nail Art 夏日美甲潮流示範 [2011-05-09 更新]

豹紋圖案像是永不過時,點綴少量的閃石,既令甲面變得立體,亦見時尚感。(nail art creation by Nailone)豹紋圖案像是永不過時,點綴少量的閃石,既令甲面變得立體,亦見時尚感。(nail art creation by Nailone)
  • SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE Glossy Nail Color($90)SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE Glossy Nail Color($90)
  • Chanel Le Vernis #577 Mimosa($180)Chanel Le Vernis #577 Mimosa($180)
  • 時下流行的假甲片圖案非常搶眼,諸如豹紋或蕾絲等,想型格或女性化,任你選擇。(from Nailone)時下流行的假甲片圖案非常搶眼,諸如豹紋或蕾絲等,想型格或女性化,任你選擇。(from Nailone)
  • nail stickers 圖案款式多元化,配合輔助工具,令甲飾更貼服。nail stickers 圖案款式多元化,配合輔助工具,令甲飾更貼服。
nailing it
  • 夏妝,怎能不提美甲這重要部分。你可以利用喜愛的指甲油顏色、閃石或裝飾貼紙,自製出屬於表現自我個性的形象。以下由Nailone專業美甲師Mei Kong給我們一些美甲小提示:

SHINee's Key ~ Kim Kibum Exhibition [110418]

SHINee's Key ~ Kim Kibum Exhibition at his Uncle's Art Gallery

Key exhibits his artworks, impressing us with his multi assets and talents, showcasing his creativity and bold expressions

DJ Yuki Recommends this week [2011.07.24]: Lupin by KARA

DJ Yuki Recommends this week [2011.07.24]
Lupin by KARA

A dark and powerful Kpop number this week... Lupin by KARA

"...this is mine... ♪♫"

Friday, 22 July 2011

Kim Hyun Joong for T.O.P Magazine and Other Recent Photos 2 [Misc]

Jeremy Scott x Adidas ObyO JS Bear | Light Brown

I have a pair of these... (*^-^*) Love them so much. Cute enough to cuddle!

1618 0 adidas ObyO JS Bear x Jeremy Scott | Light Brown / Dark Brown
Images and strong opinions about Jeremy Scott's adidas ObyO JS Bear have been making the rounds for months sparked by trade show and editorial pictures. The sneakers are part of Jeremy Scott's adidas spring 2011 ObyO collection. The JS Bear is a take on the adidas Altitude Hi dressed in furry plush inspired by Teddy Bears in a brown colorway. Added to the plush build is a bear head on the tongue and arms on the collar, making these unmistakably Scott. 
More photos below.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jeremy Scott x Adidas ObyO JS Panda Bear | Fall 2011

274452011614145431607100 L adidas ObyO JS Panda Bear x Jeremy Scott | Fall 2011
For his spring adidas ObyO collection, Jeremy Scott flipped the Altitude Hi with a plush teddy bear look in both brown and pink. For his fall collection, Scott again dons the the plush look though this time in black and white Panda style. These are expected to release on the 1st of August at shops that stock adidas ObyO.
More photos below.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals S/S 2012

Take a look at some of the up coming shoes in the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2012 collection. There is a USA stars and strips inspired wings 2.0, a denim upper JS wings, another take on the over sized tongue. And new furry sneakers: a Gorilla and a Leopard with a tail, also available for children too!

MG 1948 adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott S/S 2012

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wonder Boy by After School ([Blue] Division)

After School has divided into 2 sub-divisions [Red] and [Blue]. Here's Wonder Boy by After School Blue, consisting of Raina, Lizzy, E- Young and Ju Yeon.

100 Questions! Meme

A stupid Meme full of 100 stupid questions..... (_ _;)

Hello! Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT Plush Kitty Pack [Oct 2010]

Hello! Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT Plush Kitty Pack

OCTOBER 31, 2010
Reebok PT 20 INT Plush Hello Kitty all Hello! Kitty x Reebok PT 20 INT Plush Kitty Pack

Goguma Beauty Recommendations: Make Up Remover

Having a good make up remover is essential, especially for the delicate eye area. By removing make up first, you will be able to clean your face better and refresh your skin from daily debris, make up residue, sweat and so on...

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Reebok Freestyle Bunny Pack for Chinese New Year [Jan 2011]

Reebok Freestyle | Bunny Pack

JANUARY 31, 2011
reebok2k Reebok Freestyle | Bunny Pack

Reebok has just crafted a collection of its Freestyle model in a style made for the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rabbit, though the collection fits well with Valentine's Day and Easter.

Goguma Beauty Recommendations: Lip Balm

Dry Lips? Cracked Lips? Pale Lips? Sensitive Lips? Here's some solutions

Sunday, 17 July 2011

[110715] CTV News SHINee in Taiwan


DJ Yuki Recommends this week [2011.07.17]: Evanscent by HYDE [VAMPS]

DJ Yuki Recommends this week [2011.07.17]: 
Evanescent by HYDE [VAMPS]

Goguma Beauty Recommendations: Toners and Skin Softeners

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

House of Hello Kitty x Swarovski in Tokyo

Pictures from inside of the "House of Hello Kitty" exhibition by Swarovski at Omotesando Hills Tokyo in July of 2011.

Goguma Beauty Recommendations: Eye Creams!

Top eye creams for: puffy eyes, swollen eyes, dark circles, tired dull eyes, and dehydrated eyes.