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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Random Websites of Interest

Since I didn't post an entry for yesterday, I'll treat you guys with some of my favourite websites to surf on when I'm really bored...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dance [Cover] Team

Decided last night with friends to get people together and do K-pop dance covers. It'll be something to look forward to when we finish our exams; everyone is so fed up with sitting at a desk or computer for 10hrs straight for a whole month now.

What would be fun is that none of us has had dance training at all! Although I used to do ballet, which doesn't really count towards this type of dancing. I can't wait. I've been dancing (badly) as part of my exercise each night - just taking parts of different dances just to give variety to normal aerobics, you know?

But since we all love dance music and want to learn, we decided to try gather a group together.

These girls are our motivation; they've had no training either, but work darn hard.

I like the sound of that, because I work freaking hard too....

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

SHINee [REPLAY] Japanese Version

SHINee [REPLAY] Japanese Version for their Japanese Debut!

Enjoy! (*^-^*)

SHINee to perform at Abbey Road Studios, London!

SHINee to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate their Japanese debut

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Alice Nine [Blue Flame] Full PV

Here's the Full BLUE FLAME PV extracted from today's Alice9 Channel on Nico Nico


Alice Nine [BLUE FLAME] PV Preview

Alice Nine's New Single, Pre-release PV (Promotional Video, or Music Video) Preview


Best Moment?

Have people ever asked you when was the best moment of your life? Or, whether you live for today or tomorrow?

Monday, 25 April 2011

A Missing Part of Me...

"Because it's music, I'm willing to give myself to it... even through suffering and blindly aiming at something and somewhere impossible for me... it's music, and it makes everything feel right..."

Been spending a good portion of the morning watching videos and generally 'fangirl-ing' over my idols. Watching the backstage footage of how they practise all night, even if they're tired... it reminds me of my music days... and also the type of days I'd yearn for.

Of course my music days has not stopped, but they aren't how they used to be. It's tough being in music, and especially the music industry, but somehow I just feel it's worth it, despite the pressure and the amount of stress. I'm a masochist 笑. It seems so much more fun in a band rather than going solo, which piano is, most the time. Even now, my heart truly lies in music, stubbornly, even if I don't want it to. I'd love to work so hard towards something that it really tests you to your limits; the results feel much better and satisfaction tastes like victory.

I came out of 'music' because Music Conservatoire/College made me really ill, without realising. 
Music was an addictive drug to me; it's fine if I don't touch it and forbade myself to, but once I started, I couldn't stop, I couldn't stop myself aiming higher and forcing myself to do the physically impossible for my body. It was poisonous to me and yet I yearned for it; every part of it - the highs and lows and the side effects.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!! 

(For those who celebrate it)

Feeling much better today after a early night, I really should do this every night, rather than cramming work during midnight!

How many Easter eggs have you received? I've got 3 sets. And I've only eaten ONE of the mini praline eggs. I'm being good, no?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunshine and Spontaneous Haircut

Ah, I've spent all day working/revising for exams and not had time to think of what to write on here.

It was a lovely day, I went browsing in boutiques in another part of town and enjoying the sun. So many cute little boutiques where I can rummage through selections of clothes... Didn't find anything today though.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Alice Nine New Single 「Blue Flame」

Alice Nine New Single 「Blue Flame」

The new concept look and single details have been released. Those boys sure are style chameleons...

Revision Companions

On a beautiful sunny day with a pleasant breeze, I'm once again sat at my desk by my amazing window.

However, today my companions are:

Two large works I must familiarise myself with before the exam

Thursday, 21 April 2011


When Easter Eggs are appearing and rolling in from neighbours and friends, you know it's Easter coming up soon... In fact I have no idea when it is... this Sunday?!

I've finally finished my assignment; just have to finalise it and polish it up, but that can be left for another day when I have clearer thoughts and mental judgement.
Trust me it was hard. Not because it was an assignment, but it's so tempting to snack during working!!

My home is blessed with snacks and other food-ly temptations wherever you go.

I've managed to stay away from them so far.

And then I receive these...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Assignments really drain your energy, and even though I'm on 'Health Management' (笑) I still crave for candy/sweets.

I must admit though, I've kind of lost my urge to eat chocolate and really sweet things - I must've lost my sweet tooth! But what I cannot refuse are Milk Candy.

In fact I love milk so much I've been nicknamed 牛奶妹 before when I was young. Milk, Soy Milk, Milk Candy, Flavoured Milk (Banana, Chocolate..... Mmm!)
Somehow the milky paleness is so tempting and addictive... even non-dairy products like Tofu! All are my favourites!


What I really want right now is...

But what I'm having to put up with is...


England has such bad weather usually; so dull, cold, miserable and rainy. It can really get me down and it's easy to lose your mood, even to eat!

I would eat a lot of fruit when I'm back home in Asia; the surroundings are so vibrant with sunshine and you just feel energised just feeling it and seeing it all. But here in England I used to rarely eat fruit, it just felt wrong and tastes awful.

Now my breakfast includes a fruit salad for starters everyday with at least 4 or 5 types of fruit. In addition, my mother would make me fresh home made mixed fruit juices (and smoothies).

At first it tasted good but felt it was strange to have so much fruit, but slowly I can't go a day without so many types of fruit!

士多啤梨啤梨蘋果橙 蘋果橙士多啤梨點樣揀... ♫


Having had a rebellious childhood and had upset many of those who I loved and loves me, it makes me think on the amount of times I've been referred to as 江山易改,本性難移.

A proverb to mean it's easy to change the landscape but to change one's personality is difficult.

It's difficult, but not impossible; after all, we shouldn't want to change completely... we must always aim to be ourselves. What we need, is to shape our personalities. It'd be a waste to completely demolish the landscape and rebuild it; how should one rebuild it, what's the influences, where do we start? It's likely you'll end up replicating from others in parts.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours... but "你帮我先, 我就帮你"?

I'm sure this world is a "You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours" kind of world, but how many of you know someone who take this really too literally?
I know quite a few, even relatives, who would act upon a "you scratch my back first, then (maybe?) I'll scratch yours" basis.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Possibly the Best Assignment So Far?

OK, so I've got a tonne of work during Spring/Easter Break and each assignment requires a ridiculous amount of article and journal readings in addition to the textbooks and prescribed reading material/texts.


Lyrics "昴 (Subaru)" [Pleiades] ~ Alice Nine

この頃 息苦しいんだ 鏡の中探しても
自分の存在だって 確かに感じられない

悲しみが頬伝い 窓の外 見上げ
夜空には 一つでは輝けない 星達

僕には気付けなかった。 自分の 心臓の音も
誰かのリズムになって 変わらず そこに在ればいい

生きる意味 探してた 消えそうな光

確かめた 君の手の 温もり 忘れない

過ぎ去った 涙降る夜 その中で 手を広げた
飛べるさ 目を閉じたなら…二人で 願えたのなら

重ねてた 一人では輝けない プレアデス
変わらずに またここで 君と笑おう

so sweet pain...
be as one, forever and ever

Lyrics "Love Love Love" ~ FT Island

심장이 멈춘다 내숨이 멎는다 니가 떠난다

가슴이 시리게 너만 사랑하다 행복했었다

니남자로 태어나서 한없이 사랑했었다
그걸로 됐다 눈물 꾹 참아보련다

빗물이 온몸에 적신다
또 애써 고갤들어하늘을 바라본다
내눈에 들어간 비가 너만을 생각하며
참고 또 참아왔던 눈물을 대신에 키운다

미치도록 사랑해서 너무나 행복했었다
사랑한 추억을 내게 준 너를 보낸다

안녕 내 사랑사랑사랑
잘가요 내 사람사람사람
차오르는 나의 눈물이 온몸을 적셔도

이제는 good bye good bye good bye
나를 떠나 부디 행복해
한걸을 한걸음 니가 멀어진다

말없이 술잔을 채운다
힘겹게 손에들며 한숨을 뱉어본다
한잔을 마셔본다 너를 생각하며
참고 또 참아왔던 눈물도 함께 삼킨다

미치도록 사랑해서 너무나 행복했었다
사랑한 추억을 내게 준 너를 보낸다

안녕 내 사랑사랑사랑
잘가요 내 사람사람사람
차오르는 나의 눈물이 온몸을 적셔도

이제는 good bye good bye good bye
나를 떠나 부디 행복해
한걸을 한걸음 니가 멀어진다

난 가슴이 차가워 사랑을 몰랐는데
정말 고마워 이제야 알았어
이런게 사랑이란걸

심장이 멈춘다 가슴이 멎는다 니가 떠난다

안녕 내 사랑사랑사랑
잘가요 내 사람사람사람
차오르는 나의 눈물이 온몸을 적셔도

이제는 good bye good bye good bye
나를 떠나 부디 행복해
한걸을 한걸음 니가 멀어진다

빗물이 온몸을 적신다
하늘을 바라본다
차오르는 나의 눈물이 온몸을 적셔도

이제는 good bye good bye good bye
나를 떠나 부디 행복해
한걸을 한걸음 니가 멀어진다

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Shunkashuutou 春夏秋冬 ~ Seasons

It's a beautiful day today, really. As I'm sat here, I'm admiring the the blue skies with cotton candy wispy clouds and the bird song coming from all around. The sun is brilliant but not blinding, just warm and welcoming, seeping through my half raised venetian blinds, letting the warmth into my room.

The Innocent and Pure Smile: 天真純潔的笑容

People say that you can see through a person by gazing at their eyes, the windows to the soul. And I believe it. It's very difficult to hide what you truly think or how you feel completely flawlessly.

What I find most attractive and rare is the truly sincere baby smile; a smile that is so pure and innocent with no ulterior intentions or motives, that equal to a baby's smile.
It is this type of smile which attracts me to a person most, because the owner of such a smile, where their eyes twinkle and you can almost see and feel their happiness from their heart, could only be as how they appear - sincerely happy.

These rare 'baby smiles' come in many forms regardless of age; wide and bright with a flash of shiny teeth, or lips together but drawn wide from cheek to cheek, or smaller and slightly more reserved, or even with cute baby dimples. 

And it's true, that despite the variety of smiles, it doesn't truly form a 'baby smile' until a pair of smiling twinkling bright eyes complete it. Ones which show nothing but pure joy, sweetness, sincerity, and innocence straight from the heart. That's the essence of a undoubtedly true smile.

So look out for someone blessed with such a smile, as they do not only belong to babies and children; they really do stand out if you ever see it! Seeing these kind of smiles really make me smile sweetly too as if it's something contagious.

However, regardless whether it is a baby smile or not, a true smile will always be a true smile...

Smile from your heart because it makes the world feel brighter. (*^-^*) Make the world smile with you.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

"The Journey of the Little Piano Princess: Musical Talent?" "鋼琴小公主的故事 ~ 小公主的音樂天份?"

Since a young age the little Princess had been exposed to a vast array of music, ranging from Bach and Mozart to Jazz and 60's Rock. But even before that, at less than a year old (8.5 months to be exact) whilst travelling on public transport in the comfort of her mother's arms, she could replicate the various sounds of a passing ambulance to the exact phrase length, delighting an elderly lady sat nearby who smiled kindly at the Princess' mother who was taken aback by her daughter's sudden action.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Lyrics "Always Be Mine" ~ FT Island

[Can be found in my Music Player Playlist]
Live Performance Video

I hear you breathe
You’re lying close to me
The shadows gone
I have found my peace

Oooh You make me calm
With you I’m safe from harm
And right by your side
I’ll stay through the night
‘til eternity
That’s the way it will be

And I wonder what you’re dreaming of
You’re so peaceful when you sleep
Everything I want 
Everything I need is lying here in front of me

A Quote from the KBS Drama 매리는 외박중 (Maerineun Oebakjoong)

For those who have seen the drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night" (Or "Marry Me Mary"), you might remember this really sweet quote that Kim Jaewook (Jung In) had written on a photo when he was young.


"Boku ga iru... Boku ga kimi wo mamotte ageru... Eien ni"

I'm here... I will protect you... Forever.

Japan & Hanami

As I was searching through the internet, just browsing at photos and images of Sakura, my heart sank a little every time I saw a beautiful still image of what I'm sure would be breath taking to see in person.

One of my favourite flowers/trees is the Sakura Blossom tree, and during this time of year, the Sakura would be blooming all over Japan and so people take walks amongst them appreciating the delicate beauty the trees present: Hanami. To walk or sit beneath would be a dreamlike experience as the petals gracefully float downwards before resting on water or grass, just like the feathery light movements of a ballerina en pointe.

I've never been to Japan before, and I have yearned to visit for years, since I was as young as I can remember. What hurts is to think that it will never be the same since the earthquake on 11 March 2011.
But to read or hear upon people saying that the Sakura are blooming reassures me somewhat and calms me despite the bittersweetness. For me, Japan cannot be Japan without its Sakura; but since the Sakura are blooming... there's hope.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Prelude to "The Journey of the Little Piano Princess: 鋼琴小公主的故事"

I think my initial intention of writing a blog was to share the stories of 鋼琴小公主 and her experiences through the eyes of 小龍女. 

The little princess had many difficult and also many rewarding moments in her journey through music; discovering, studying and exploring. Music is the only thing that could bring tears of both happiness and immense sadness to her eyes; it is the only thing the little princess had experienced which brought her so close to the clouds in the heavens and yet the same thing could make fall into the abyss towards the gates of hell. It was and still is an irreplaceable passion.

Via this blog, selected moments and short stories will tell the tale of the Little Piano Princess' musical journey and what she discovered about music, but more importantly, herself and the people around her.

My First Blog

Hello there!

I've been meaning to get a proper blog for a while and here it is, finally!

p(*^-^*)q ガんばります!

I'll do my best to fill this blog with my thoughts, interesting moments, memories and any thing else I feel might interest you. (*^.~*)

I'll write soon!

蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi